ALICIA CLEGG - For our feature on how to sell to supermarkets, Clegg persuaded a group of up-and-coming entrepreneurs to talk about the risks and rewards of doing business in the British aisles. An early convert to, Clegg says online retail therapy helps her spend as much time in the country as possible.

Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

JONATHAN HEAD - The author of the Turkey feature has been BBC reporter for East Asia since 1996, and moved to Istanbul last year. Career highlights include covering cannibalism in Indonesia, being bludgeoned by a drunk militiaman in East Timor, and being investigated four times for alleged insults to the Thai monarchy.

BRETT RYDER - As well as illustrating MT's feature on public sector cuts, Ryder works for the Telegraph and the Economist, and produced artwork for Glastonbury 2008. The festival job was one of his favourite gigs, although he had to fight for perks: 'I had to keep hassling them to get free tickets,' he says incredulously.

MIRANDA KENNETT - When not coaching, or penning her pieces for MT, Kennett is usually to be found in Provence. She once made the mistake of telling a French client about her second home, hoping to curry favour. 'My Parisian client said: "I don't regard Provence as being in France",' she recalls. 'That was me told.'

ANDREW WILEMAN - MT regular Wileman is that great rarity, a management consultant who can write. This month, he examines that most pressing of topics, cutting expenditure on public services. It's a hot topic the world over - his book, Driving Down Cost, is in Japanese, Chinese, Latvian and a dozen other tongues.

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