IT crowd on the move

It looks like technology chiefs are spreading themselves around these days as much as a computer virus. Churn among CIOs has apparently hit unprecedented heights.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010
A report by recruitment consultancy Harvey Nash says that over half of CIOs expect to have moved jobs in the next two years. And this year alone has seen a 15% increase in the number of technology leaders occupying their role for less than a year.

Much of this churn is apparently down to CIO roles becoming less strategic. Only half of CIOs currently occupy board roles, with only a third reporting directly to the CEO. Similarly, half of CFOs viewed IT solely as a support function, with no need for board representation. This seems strange given the increasingly central role that technology has in the modern workplace. Indeed, it has clearly riled the boffins. Over 28% of CIOs claim they would leave their current role in order to have more hands-on involvement in business strategy.

So why the sidelining? Could it be that someone who has taken the IT route to the board is the less suited to that environment? After all, when not simply hitting dodgy kit to get it working when it’s on the blink, IT work involves a great deal of detail. A board role, meanwhile, requires one to look at the bigger picture, which perhaps better suits someone with a background in sales or finance.

Of course, it may just be that board members don’t want someone making jokes in binary when they’ve got important business to discuss – like golf handicaps and holidays.

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