Cutting your expenses, with YouTube

Save your company a few pennies, with help from Harold Lloyd, Basil Fawlty and Alan Partridge.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

Use your initiative. Cabs may be the first thought for how to get to that vital appointment, but there are always alternatives – whether that’s trains, tubes and buses or riding a bike. If you’re anything like Harold Lloyd, you can turn improvised transport into an art form.

Rethink your hotel habits. Ok, the five-star places may seem more desirable, but don’t turn your nose up at something more down-at-heel, which will probably give you a more memorable experience than staying alone in an anodyne complex. Now Basil Fawlty may not be the most professional of hosts, but stay at his place and it’d be a business trip to remember.

Don’t feel the pressure to overspend just to impress people. Honesty goes a long way, so a meeting in your favourite affordable local café may be even better than blowing six-months’ budget stuffing your face with ‘unmissable’ hors d’oeuvres at this week’s must-visit restaurant. Just don’t do an Alan Partridge – he brings an important client to his house, which is still a building site, and tries desperately to pass it off as his designer HQ. As we said, it’s all about honesty…

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Cutting your expenses, with YouTube

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