Are you cyber-aware?

MT CYBERSECURITY WEEK, in association with Blackthorn: Despite all the high-tech safeguards, many cybersecurity breaches are still caused accidentally by us humans.

by Andrew Saunders
Last Updated: 31 Oct 2014

When we think of leaked data, the images that spring to mind are inevitably of shady online crooks using their coding skills to break in through the virtual back door. Or of the lone employee, working late at night and motivated by greed - or conscience, a la former NSA employee and leaker-extraordinaire Ed Snowden.

The truth is usually more quotidian. More often than not, security breaches are caused by us. Staff who have no desire at all to pinch any data or do anything wrong, we just don’t realise the cybersecurity risks we are accidentally taking.

We’ve all done it - shared a password with a colleague. Taken a dongle home with customer data on it that shouldn’t be put on a dongle in the first place. Or even left a laptop in a bar or on the train. Oops.

But in these days of the cloud, where data is held remotely on servers far away, the risks of bad security processes and of haphazard password management and access protocols left to chance grow ever larger.

Want to make sure you and your staff are more cyber-aware? Let Dean Chapman, CEO of cloud services outfit Fedr8, explain.

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