Daily Mail shows off its curves with £472m revenue

DMGT, the newspaper's parent company, posted revenues up 6% in the last three months of 2013. The Sidebar of Shame has a lot to answer for...

by Emma Haslett
Last Updated: 23 Jun 2015

The Daily Mail’s Sidebar of Shame continues to exercise its grip over the nation: the newspaper’s parent company, The Daily Mail & General Trust, has posted a 6% rise in underlying revenue during its first quarter. Online revenue was a particular bright spot, with total digital ad revenues rising by 26%.

In total, DMGT’s revenue for the last three months of 2013 rose 6% year on year to £472m, although underlying circulation revenues dropped 2%. Fortunately, the newspaper increased its cover price by 5p to 55p, which offset the fall in circulation. Underlying ad revenues for the entire business - print and digital combined - rose 5%.

Some frightening facts about the number of people who enjoy reading about z-list celebrities’ bikini bodies: 1) MailOnline now gets 162 million unique users a month, 2) that’s 41% higher than last year, 3) it now gets about 9.9 million users a day, 4) that’s 39% higher than last year.

DMGT has also dug deeper into its property media (stick with us) business: as well as its 52.6% stake in property search website Zoopla, it bought DIIG, a property search company for legal professionals (bit weird) and its subsidiary, Euromoney, bought Infrastructure Journal, an events and data company for the infrastructure sector.

It wasn’t all good: net debt rose to £772m, up from £573m in the previous quarter, mainly because of the £105m it paid for acquisitions. Looks like DMGT needs to go on a diet.

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