Who dares wins?

The first press release from someone seeking to benefit from the Soc Gen scandal has blessed our inbox...

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

Headlined 'Soc Gen fallout: Are your enthusiastic weekend staff making you money or costing you money?' it comes from Cheshire solicitors SAS Daniels. (SAS Daniels, according to its website 'is a new type of law firm which blends legal excellence with a modern approach and a "can do" attitude'. Just like the legendary Herefordshire regiment of the same name then, whose members can live off grubs and nettles for weeks and kill people with their bare hands.) 
'Jerome Kerviel is said to have "worked" Saturdays at Societe Generale in a near empty office', warns SAS’s press release ominously. 'And while his bosses either believed he was a hard worker or they didn’t know he was at his desk, it has been alleged that he was actually trying to recover lost cash or hide his actions.'

The pay-off message is a stern and timely: watch out, this could happen to you. Not losing five billion euros like Soc Gen but 'a few envelopes, bits of stationery, copier paper, and so on'. But it could get worse and even involve the weekend pilfering of 'wine or spirits from the boardroom'.

So what’s the answer? If you suspect any Kervielesque malfeasance of this type, 'It should not be tolerated, although the odd personal phone call is acceptable… at the slightest sign of dishonesty management should act: change locks and passwords; use technology to track the comings and goings of staff, what they’re doing online out of hours.' If only the bosses at Societe Generale had lhad such advice…

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