Data Analysts: stand up and be counted

Celebrate your company's digital demi-gods with the Analytics in Action Awards. And hurry - entry deadline is March 20...

by Edward Craig
Last Updated: 18 Mar 2014

There's one thing that can turn a business around – and every business has it. Intelligence, numbers, information. In short: the data.

Thanks to modern technology and techniques, understanding, analysing and acting on insight dug out of a business' data mine is a powerful way to improve performance. But with such an explosion of information, finding the right answers to the pertinent questions, is not straightforward.

That's why Management Today and Accenture are hosting the ultimate data-driven award. Analytics in Action celebrates the heroes behind the numbers, the companies or individuals that excel in swimming through the ocean of digits to produce a return.

Ray Eitel-Porter, managing director of Accenture Analytics in UK and Ireland, says judges are looking for company entries, team entries or even individuals. 'Companies that can show they have produced meaningful results because of data. Analytics have come of age – there is a recognition in what analytics can do.'

He explains that this is down to the amount of data available and that scientific techniques can now be used in a business and practical context.

The Analytics in Action awards has categories for SMEs and larger companies. It's aimed at everyone who is working in the field of analytics. The deadline for entries is only two weeks away – March 20, and the prize is a write-up in MT. So see here to find out more information on how to enter.

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