Data overload keeps business owners up at night: we have answers

Management Today’s editor Kate Magee hosts an interactive session on straightening out that essential, infuriating digital life blood…

Last Updated: 14 Jul 2022

Every business lives and thrives on its data. It may not be as exciting as building a disruptor brand, or planning your next product launch – but data is the engine that makes the business live, breathe and grow.

It can also overwhelm. Many business owners know that they’re sitting on a mountain of potential, potential they can realise if only they could dig efficiently into that data, then refine it.

Data overload causes it headaches, frustration and inertia.

That’s why Management Today is hosting a webinar to help businesses use their greatest assets better – to help you stop being overwhelmed and actually unlock that growth you know your sitting on.

In partnership with Mail Manager, editor Kate Magee and data management experts are going to look at the common mistakes and fixes, the rules, the security risks and how you can actually fire up this commercial rocket fuel.

It’s an interactive hour-long session that, simply, helps you make the most of your digital investment.