Dave's Eco-nomics: Two wheels better


Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

Sorry, road users, I had to cover this eventually. Despite global warming and record oil prices, more than 70% of journeys to work in Britain are made by car. True, these beautiful machines offer comfort, the radio and a personal cocoon you can fill with song and swearing - better than getting thrown around on public transport among teens blaring tinny R&B from their mobiles. Outside big cities, of course, public transport is often not available, and walking and cycling aren't for everyone. But climate issues demand an urgent rethink on how we commute.


Use foot or pedal power if you can. It's better for you, both physically and mentally, and, once you get into it, beats sitting down all day. Habits are already changing: a Barclaycard survey showed that 92% of us were driving to work four years ago. Employers can help by providing showers for staff and promoting the Government's 'Cycle to Work' scheme, which gives tax incentives to both sides. Cyclists can even claim 20p a mile from the Revenue for using a bike on business. If you must drive, use the car more sensibly. Currently, 80% of car commutes are solo. Car-sharing is better for the environment and your fuel bill, and you may even enjoy singing and swearing with someone else. Start now: visit www.liftshare.com.

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SEVEN - a major change, but just think of our beautiful orb...

Dave Waller is MT's regular eco-pedlar.

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