David Cameron: there's too much 'bossiness' from Brussels

The PM has stoked the anti-EU fires this morning, saying 'We have to make sure that Britain has a relationship with Europe that suits us better.'

by Rebecca Burn-Callander
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

What's this? A politician saying one thing and then doing something completely different? How unusual.

David Cameron has today criticised Brussels for its 'bossiness' and 'interference'. A very interesting move at this critical time - we could be on the verge of a referendum, after all.

The Prime Minister has said time and time again that he thinks Britain should remain within the EU: 'we'll be better off' he admits, but then follows up with these rabble-rousing declarations: 'There’s too much interference, too much bossiness from Brussels,' he says. 'People want that fixed and they want to have more of a say and we should not be frightened of involving the British people in a proper debate about Europe.'

Cameron will meet with EU chiefs next week to discuss the terms of Britain's membership with the EU. Europe clearly wants us to stay put - German chancellor Angela Merkel made this heartfelt plea not long ago - so the PM's recent comments will doubtless be leaving them all feeling a little twitchy.

A canny move from Cameron to ensure he gets his way in the negotiations?

Very sly indeed. And how very unlike a politician...

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