Dealing with surprises, with YouTube

Learn how to handle the unexpected, with Magnolia, Trap Door and Shaun of the Dead.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

Your business can be ticking along quite nicely, when suddenly the whole market goes belly up because someone on the other side of the world has been selling dodgy mortgages. As this scene from Magnolia shows, even the most unlikely things can happen. Expect it.

You know what it’s like: when you’re busy dealing with the demands coming down from above, it’s all too easy for things go awry on the ground, leading to some nasty unforeseen problems. As Trap Door's Berk shows as he tries to please the Thing Upstairs, using your initiative is essential.

Sometimes you think you know your colleagues – and then out of nowhere they’ll do something that you didn’t see coming at all. But the best managers are quick to deal with the initial surprise and adjust their strategy accordingly – like Shaun does when his neighbourhood is suddenly flooded with zombies…



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