Dear Career Angel: I'm dreading January

January is such a depressing month. How do I get through it?

by Penny Davenport
Last Updated: 07 Jan 2014

Dear Career Angel,

I hate January. It’s such a depressing month and its made worse by colleagues fasting, refusing to go out and threatening to change their lives wholesale – and then falling off the wagon by mid-Jan. How can I cheer myself up, and at the same time feel that I am also moving forward with my life even though I don’t like New Year’s Resolutions?

Tom, Southampton

Dear Tom,

Well, your January Blues made me laugh! I hear you. Its dark, cold and the Festive Fun is long gone. We don’t need more misery!

Whilst I am not  a fan of New Year’s Resolutions, I do believe in goal setting at all times of the year as I think we need goals to make sure we are getting to where we want to go.

You could usefully employ this time of reflection to do a mini "Life Assessment Check" which means writing down the key areas of your life such as career, finance, health, relationships etc, and scoring them from 1 (dissatisfied) to 10 (completely satisfied).

Any which are below 6 are worth further thought; what is lacking in that area? For those which are highly rated, drive on with confidence. As you know, the majority of your colleagues’ New Year’s Resolutions will come to nothing anyway so you’ll be no worse off! I know money is tight at this time of year but you can still have fun.

Try and arrange a potluck lunch where colleagues bring in a different dish from home to share. You could combine this with a talk from another department or invite in an external speaker.

Generate an amusing word search using the free tools on the internet and hand it out at coffee time. If all else fails, finish off your selection box behind your computer and pray for February!

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