DECISIONS: Gregor Lawson, Morphsuits

The co-founder of the bodysuit firm on working with two brothers, launching the brand on Facebook and working on his courageousness

by Emma Haslett
Last Updated: 27 Apr 2015


... Was choosing to set up MorphCostumes with two brothers. It turns out that three's not so much a crowd as much better at speedy decision- making. Quite often, we'll have two guys who think one thing and one who thinks another. So having three of us makes things much, much easier.

The great thing about Ali and Fraser Smeaton, my business partners, is that we've been friends for years and we're all very similar. Ali and I, in particular, have similar interests: playing rugby, drinking beer - and we both believe wearing costumes makes a good night a great night.

They don't bicker among themselves: we all tend to bicker. And their mum does our invoicing. If push came to shove, she'd probably take my side ahead of the boys.

Another good decision was to launch the brand on Facebook. A Facebook page would be a no-brainer now, but when we started two years ago, it was a different beast. Morphsuits lends itself so well to Facebook - we run competitions where people post videos or photos. We wouldn't exist to the extent we do without it.


... Was not having the courage to stand up to my bosses when I was working at Procter & Gamble. I loved working there. If I was going to work for any company, there are few other places I'd be happy to work for. But I think it's probably the same in all big businesses: they go for the safe option, rather than the one that's right.

For example, I'd get an annual budget and say: right, I spent this amount on TV last year - I shall take half of that and put it into online instead. And they'd say: 'Don't be ridiculous. TV's our bread and butter.' I'd spend 50% of my time either keeping management happy or writing reports about stuff I had done or wanted to do, rather than just doing things.

Of course, I only realise this now that I run my own business and there's money that could potentially be going into my bank account. When I compare how hard I work for Morphsuits versus how hard I worked for P&G, every single minute here is spent on making my business better. So I wish I had had more courage then to get people on board with my ideas.

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