The definitive map of the highest and lowest house prices in the UK

A square metre to call your own will cost you 11,000 pounds in Kensington, 5,400 pounds in Hackney - and just 818 pounds in Stanley.

by Emma Haslett
Last Updated: 11 Aug 2014

What with all the discussion about mortgages this morning, not many people noticed figures out by Halifax, which show not only where the most expensive places to live in the UK are, but also where the biggest changes have been.

The figures make for pretty predictable reading, if we're honest: Kensington is the most expensive; Kilmarnock is the least. There are one or two surprises: Hackney, for example, is among the top 10 - five years ago most people would have laughed at the suggestion it could be considered chi-chi.

Anyway, we've collated all the data into one helpful map. Big markers are the most expensive places to live (both in- and outside London), while the smaller dots are (relatively) cheaper. Now, how much is the bus fare to Kilmarnock?

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