Deutsche Bank starts its journey on the path of righteousness

The German bank has launched a set of pious company values and beliefs

by Gabriella Griffith
Last Updated: 25 Jul 2013
Deutsche Bank has long thought of itself as a leader in global financial services. Now, the bank is taking the lead on banking integrity by launching a set of values and beliefs. It’s a beautiful thing.

The bank, which in December 2012 was raided several times by German police on suspicion of various misdemeanors, has released the values as part of its 'Strategy 2015+' and ‘continuing journey of cultural change.’

‘We will do what is right – not just what is allowed,’ it trills under 'Integrity'. ‘We live by the rules and hold ourselves accountable to deliver on our promises – no excuses,’ it extols under 'Discipline'. No doubt the newly sanctimonious bank will be laughing at the misdeeds of its rivals as they continue to be embroiled in scandal after scandal.

‘Since we launched our strategy, we have worked intensively on our culture… Our goal was clear: to place Deutsche Bank at the forefront of cultural change in our industry’, the bank’s website evangelises.

The values and beliefs can be found in the bank’s 'Responsibility' section, accompanied by an image of an open road, bathed in dawn sunlight. The dawn of a new age of cleanliness? Or the dawn of insincerity and self-satisfaction? We’ll see, Deutsche Bank, we’ll see. The sun does always shine on the righteous.

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