How does he manage? Ethical shoemaker - Galahad Clark, Terra Plana

WHEN DID YOU BECOME A MANAGER? - Five years ago, I was working in China for a firm developing businesses in the west of the country when my mother became ill. I came back to be with her. I'm a shoemaker at heart - the seventh generation of shoemaking Clarks - and when my father looked to dispose of Terra Plana, Clarks' ethical shoe company, I wanted to see what I could do with it.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

WHAT DOES MANAGEMENT MEAN TO YOU? - It helps that I know a good shoe from a bad shoe. Someone (OK, a Big Brother contestant) said: 'You have to give people roots and wings.' That's how I see management: give people structure and direction, but leave them free to show bags of initiative. Now that I no longer need to micromanage everything, I'd like to be out opening doors for the company.

WHAT DO YOU LIKE/DISLIKE ABOUT YOUR JOB? - I love developing new shoes - that's what I'm best at - but I don't spend nearly enough time doing it. And I love that almost everyone in the firm is doing something for the first time. As a young company, we have a real opportunity to be a leader for the next generation of the shoe industry. Being innovative is both our greatest strength and our greatest weakness. It means that we make mistakes, and it's gruesome when shoes don't come out right. But it would be pretty dull if we all went through life without taking any chances.

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