How does he manage? Film censor - Murray Perkins, Senior examiner, British Board of Film Classification

- When did you become a manager?

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

In 2005. Back in New Zealand, I did a masters in media, and went straight into an examiner role. It seemed ideal - sitting round watching films and eating popcorn. I came to the UK in 1999, and the BBFC happened to be advertising.

- What does management mean to you?

I review examiners' reports and recommendations, before sending them to the board. Day-to-day management is a light touch: many of our examiners are former lawyers and doctors, so they can look after themselves. We may do 340 minutes' viewing a day: from kids shows to Magnum PI to porn. You need an eye for detail and good judgment, and have to be diligent - you are often viewing dull material for three hours. We get some nasty things: horrendous real events like executions and people having their hands and feet chopped off. I'm still shocked, after 10 years in the job.

- What do you like/dislike about your job?

I work with good people in a great organisation. And you can't knock watching the latest films on a nice private screen. But even then, you're making extensive notes. Teletubbies is my nemesis. Tweenies isn't so bad, as they've got songs you can hum. But I still go to the cinema - it's nice to watch films without having a PC in front of me.

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