Carlos Conceiao

How does he manage - financial investigator

Carlos Conceiao Departmental head, enforcement division, Financial Services Authority.

Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

When did you become a manager?

In a formal sense, five or six years ago. Before joining the FSA, I had management functions at the DTI and the Ministry of Defence. But my background was as a lawyer, which meant managing clients into a position where they'd accept often unpalatable advice.

What does management mean to you?

There's a distinction between leadership and management. My 80 staff are expert at investigating market misconduct - interviewing, assessing documents - so I don't sit here saying: 'Go off and do X'. It's more about pointing us in a direction at key points. I'll always have views, but they're not necessarily right: we operate a good collective decision-making model. The people we're investigating value detachment. The City sees me as someone who can stand above the day-to-day fray and listen.

What do you love/hate about your job?

I'm really committed to it. A dynamic develops during an investigation - you try and change perceptions, others try and change yours, and I get a kick out of such frank discussion. I come into work not reluctantly but with real drive and energy. But there's always routine, like approving people's holiday requests, timesheets and budgets. No matter how far you progress, those things never go away, and that really bugs me.

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