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Where does the word craft come from?

WORDS-WORTH Want to add a magical aura to food and drink products? Make sure you've got the word 'craft' on the label.

by John Morrish
Last Updated: 24 Mar 2016

If you're in the food and drink business, particularly, you'll have spotted the word 'craft'. No law prescribes how much handwork goes into making 'craft ale', or 'craft bread', but products so described nonetheless acquire an aura of hipster virtue. The word 'craft' has meant 'a skill' or 'a skilled trade' since before the Norman Conquest, an attractively romantic connotation now that so few of us get our hands dirty. As a way of enhancing the appeal of food, a gentle dusting with the adjectival 'craft' beats even MSG. The word 'craft', appropriately enough, also means black magic

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