What you don't want to copy from Silicon Valley

Workplace Evolution podcast: Twitter's former EMEA chief Bruce Daisley on Saturday emails, biased recruitment and the future of the office.

by Michael Costello
Last Updated: 11 Aug 2020

It’s easy to assume that the most successful companies must also be the best run, which is a belief that the technology giants of Silicon Valley have certainly done little to discourage.

But just as wearing a black turtleneck to board meetings won’t magically transform you into Steve Jobs, attempting to copy West Coast bean bag culture wholesale is unlikely to give you Google-like growth. Indeed, it may not be all it’s cracked up to be, even if you did manage to get it right.

In this episode of the Workplace Evolution podcast, in association with Management Today, Twitter’s former EMEA VP Bruce Daisley talks to business psychologist Michael Costello about the great Silicon Valley bluff, bias, how emails kill productivity and how toxic cultures can lead to stress, burnout and unhappiness.

About the Workplace Evolution Podcast, in association with Management Today:

Business psychologist Michael Costello meets top business people and workplace experts to address common leadership, management and workplace challenges. This year Management Today will be sharing interviews with guests including Justin Hughes (former leader of the Red Arrows on psychological safety), Simon Woodroffe (founder of Yo!Sushi on creativity and innovation) and F1's David Coulthard (on resilience).

Bruce Daisley is author of Eat Sleep Work Repeat

Michael Costello is director of Workplace Evolution

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