Driving Ambition: An interview with Tatton Asset Management CEO Paul Hogarth

In the next video from finnCap's Ambition Nation Listed 50 series, Rajan Datar speaks to Tatton Asset Management CEO Paul Hogarth.

Last Updated: 11 Sep 2019

The Ambition Nation Listed 50 identifies the top 50 leading smaller UK-listed companies that offer the best blend of growth and quality as ranked by finnCap's equity analysis tool, The Slide Rule. To celebrate those who appear on the list, journalist Rajan Datar toured the country in an all-electric black cab to interview a selection of the UK’s leading business leaders to find out what the key factors are behind their success. 

A 30-year veteran of the independent financial advice (IFA) market, Paul Hogarth took Tatton to market through an initial public offering (IPO) back in 2017 and the company has continued to go from strength to strength. Hogarth believes the sustained growth in AUM and new firms using Tatton is confirmation that its service and proposition continue to resonate with IFAs. 

"The reasons for our success are pretty straightforward. We’ve worked so closely with IFAs for so long that we understand what makes them tick, we understand what they want, but they’re also very quick to tell us what they want. So, I think the biggest single reason that Tatton has been so successful is that the investment management piece has been designed for IFAs by themselves," said Hogarth.

Another reason for Tatton’s success has been its ability to deliver consistent investment returns at a competitive market price.   

"In today’s world, where the regulator and the IFA want to drive down the cost of investing, it’s so important that the service comes at the right price. So seven years ago when we launched it, it was a very, very brave move to actually come forward and say: ‘Right, we will give the IFA exactly what they want, 15 basis points for the service.’ Then we had to take on the risk of building the investment team, having all the costs, being in Square Mile and trying to be established from day one. And we worked out we needed £1bn of revenue to break even. And we got that first £1bn in 12 months, which was ahead of schedule," said Hogarth.

And Hogarth is confident that Tatton can stay ahead of its rivals through continued innovation.

"The big thing for us is not to rest on our laurels. We’ve set the price and others will probably follow and in time we need to react. So we’ve got a whole host of ideas and projects running of what we would do as and when that happens, so we’ve got the vision of where we want to be with it and we’ll play that card when we’re ready. But, we’re absolutely passionate about this space and we want to remain as the leader."

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