Dyson could be about to launch a robotic vacuum cleaner

The ever-inventive engineer has released a mysterious video announcing a product launch on September 4th. What could it be...?

by Rachel Savage
Last Updated: 21 Nov 2014

If there’s one thing Dyson knows how to do, aside from filing a helluva lot of patents, it’s trail a product launch. The ever-inventive engineer has posted a mysterious video on YouTube, announcing ‘Project N223’ will be unveiled on September 4th and rumour has it it’ll be its long-awaited robotic vacuum cleaner

The 25-second video is from the point of view of some floor-bound object, interspersed with plenty of sci-fi tastic static and colourful pixels. The only text accompanying it reads, ‘16 years. 200 engineers. £28m investment. The result? Tell us what you think it is.’ Such a tease.

The elusive new product is ‘expected’ to be a robotic vacuum cleaner, The Telegraph said. Dyson’s eponymous founder Sir James almost released one in 2001, but axed it for being too expensive and weighty (in fact, there's a whole ream of Dyson inventions that never quite made it).

The rumours come in part from the fact that earlier this year, Imperial College London announced a £5m project with the company, to develop technology that would let robots map and navigate their surroundings. But six months isn’t a long time in research, so for now it’s anyone’s guess.

If it is a self-controlling hoover, though, Dyson will be competing with Miele, Samsung and LG, rather than launching a whole new product like it did when it cleaned up our lives with the bagless vacuum. Whatever it is, it's scooping Apple's big launch by five days, though - cheeky.

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