Editorial: Alpha females with sparkle

Take cover! The alpha females are on the march ... Each summer as I look at our '35 Under 35' edition, a little piece of me dies. Surely these women must have some dinks and blemishes in their glittering CVs. Maybe they don't have any friends (I've got two on facebook and one of those is my son).

by Matthew Gwyther, mt editor
Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

But no. This year, it's a typically sparkly bunch of bright high-achievers rocketing through glass ceilings as they head for the stars. Into the 35/35 hall of fame for 2007 we've propelled one women who was promoted to be the youngest partner of the world's largest law firm while she was on maternity leave. Another who, at the age of 23, was made the youngest-ever director of a Plc. A third, while still at university, was noticed by Chris Eubank and hired to promote his fights and then went on to work with Dyson and Geldof before making a huge wedge by selling a successful website.

Talking of the web, more and more of its development is happening in India, where the brains are keen, the energy levels high, the traffic jams gargantuan and the wage packets much lower than they are here or in Silicon Valley. Andrew Wileman's story of outsourcing is a terrific read and comes from a novel angle, as his day job is as a consultant and not a hack. He writes with infinitely more elegance and insight than many of his fellow consulting professionals.

By way of a contrast, we've got a profile of David Richards, who has just bought that most macho of brands, Aston Martin. You don't see many women driving a V8 Vantage. Or Bond's DB9, for that matter. An inability to find favour among women buyers may have something to do with the fact that Aston holds the unofficial world record for profit-free longevity in motor manufacturing. It didn't make a penny between 1915 and 2005. I'm not alone is suspecting that it's five minutes to midnight for the global car business. And it can't hear the clock ticking.

Finally, a quick plug for our tasty new-look website, www.managementtoday.com. We've now got new, fresh and opinionated stuff up there every day. So, if you just can't wait four weeks for your next fix of not-just-business-as-usual, take a daily look at it.

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