Editorial: Let's give the new lot a shot

A new month and a new government. You'll forgive me if I don't come over all misty-eyed and 'bliss it was in that dawn to be alive', but we have to give this lot a shot.

by Matthew Gwyther, MT Editor
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

It could be all we've got for the next five years. One of the things I like about the new regime is the suggestion that it will be more managerial and less adversarial. I suppose this means the country should be run like a good business rather than as an ongoing pub brawl between a pair of drunks who have spent their last tenner on one final triple vodka before stumbling out, arms swinging. Such a progression would be very sensible.

Say what you want about Brown - and he went out with dignity - but he sure managed to get plenty of people's backs up at both ends of the political spectrum. He could pick a fight in an empty room. But if the new CEO and deputy CEO of UK Plc - together with Vince over his abacus somewhere in the FD's office - can agree on the strategy, and then work hard on communicating and executing what is going to be an awful lot of bad news and disappointment ... who knows?

Our profile subject, Sir Stelios, seems most disappointed. He cashed in his chips in 2000 when easyJet was floated, but as with many headstrong entrepreneurs - Branson being the classic example - he doesn't like the rules of the publicly owned company game, especially when it's a divi-free crap shoot. (The more time goes on, the more I think he may be right and that the listed joint-stock model is way past its sell-by date. But that's another story.) So he has thrown his toys from the pram in a serious hissy fit. It's all pretty unedifying and if I was Carolyn McCall, the incoming easyJet CEO - lately of The Guardian - I'd be apprehensive about leaping from a profit-free frying pan into a volcanic ash-filled Tartarus where she gets chased around the pit by a big angry Greek.

Finally, together with the Institute of Leadership and Management, we have embarked on the second year of our Index of Leadership Trust survey. We want to know what you think about your line manager, your company and your CEO, and whether you believe your competitors operate in an ethics-free zone. Have your levels of trust in your leaders and your organisation improved since last year? You can take part at www.managementtoday.co.uk/trustsurvey. You stand to win a bottle of champagne in our prize draw for taking the trouble to participate, and the results will appear in our September issue.

Let's hope the Government survives until then.

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