Editor's blog: The age of managerial politics?

Hopefully this deal will mean politics becomes more like business, and less like an ongoing street fight.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

Well, this is all very encouraging. After the stalemate, a glimmer of hope of new life provided by two freshly-scrubbed, clean-cut young men with lovely wives and babies aplenty between them. (I can’t wait for the photo session where the new little Cameron gets on down in harmonious fashion in the playpen with Antonio, Alberto and Miguel Clegg, with Great Uncle Vince beaming in the background.) One of the themes being mooted this morning is that the new regime will be more managerial and less adversarial. I suppose this means the country should be run like a good business rather than as an ongoing street fight between bitter political enemies. Sounds good to me. Say what you want about Brown... [CONTINUED]

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Editor's blog: The age of managerial politics?
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