Editor's blog: BSkyB goes from zero to hero

Sky's rise has been extraordinary. But there are challenges ahead in the next couple of years.

Last Updated: 03 Dec 2010

At the modest age of only twenty, BSkyB is the youngest company ever to have taken the BMAC title. The speed of this achievement - from registration at Companies House to being the most admired business in the land - is quite extraordinary. It’s a tribute to a ruthlessly focussed, highly competitive outfit which has left its media peer group for dead. I recall its launch very clearly – there was all sorts of hilarity about ‘squarials’, satellites that didn’t work and embarrassingly bad content. The first few years were very precarious indeed and nearly dragged founder Rupert Murdoch under. But the turning point came in 1992... [CLICK HERE TO READ MORE AND COMMENT]

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Editor's blog: BSkyB goes from zero to hero
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