Editor's blog: driven round the bend

If TfL doesn't sort itself out by 2012, there are going to be more than just red faces...

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

I’ve had a frothy rage about transport in London in this blog before. But it’s high time I was given a second chance to vent some more spleen. Those of you living portfolio lives in the Yorkshire Dales or Western Pembrokeshire turn away or start to smirk now.

The Gwythers went off for a couple of days in Devon last weekend. After 48 hours of Dartmoor delight it was with a heavy heart that I started the engine at 4PM on Sunday to begin the long trek home. But it wasn’t caravans on the M5 or accidents near Swindon that brought us to grief. No we made incredible progress until  Heathrow when we were felled by ….the M4 bus lane. I thought this nasty white elephant, the bastard son of Prescott, was going to be abolished. But no. It still sits there in all its idiocy. Apparently it has no cameras to police it and the Met have lost interest so your chances of being fined for joining the smattering of taxis are pretty minimal... [CONTINUES]

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Editor's blog: driven round the bend
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