Editor's blog: The four-litre enema syringe

This Budget will fundamentally change the nature of the public sector. And not before time.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

Well that wasn’t so bad, was it? I feel a bit like the patient who has been approached from the end of the ward by Sister Hattie Jacques with a four-litre enema syringe, and then hardly felt the pain of insertion. In fact, she passed me by and delivered it to someone else. (Probably someone less well off than me.)

What one must approve of, though, is that it looks like the era of consistent Government expansion has now been brought to an abrupt close by Wee Georgie’s first budget. Spending in ‘non-ring fenced’ departments (i.e. most of them) is set to come down by 25%  over the next five years, which is bound to result in many thousands of civil servants facing the squeeze, possibly even the chop. We all know – and observe day in, day out – wasteful spending that wouldn’t be tolerated in our own families or companies. The fact that it’s 'someone else’s money' is an appalling excuse... [CONTINUED]

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Editor's blog: The four-litre enema syringe
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