Editor's blog: Keep Cadbury British

I really hope this historic UK company doesn't get swallowed up into a soulless conglomerate.

Last Updated: 06 Nov 2012

Kraft’s low-ball offer for Cadbury yesterday may have taken a few people by surprise. However, nobody in their right mind thinks Cadbury has seen the last of Kraft - the tanks aren’t off the lawn yet. In the old days, a knockout blow in the form of an enormous bid would have been on the table by now; General Wasserstein would have been there in his tin hat yelling from the turret, as he led the advance of the squadron of Shermans. But these are more cautious times, and Kraft must be convinced they can acquire Cadbury far more cheaply than in the days of plenty... CLICK HERE TO READ MORE AND COMMENT

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Editor's blog: Keep Cadbury British
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