Editor's blog: M&S pay the price to get Bolland in fast

New M&S boss Marc Bolland's pay deal has got tongues clicking - and it indicates the scale of his task.

Last Updated: 06 Nov 2012

Well you didn’t think he was going to do the job in exchange for free Y-fronts and prawn sandwiches for life, did you? Marc Bolland, the incoming CEO of M&S, has really got tongues clicking in disapproval. 'Excessive', sniffed the hair-shirt wearers and guardians of corporate morality at PIRC. 'This is a bad start for the new regime at M&S'. I have to say, a golden hello of up to £15m is going it a bit, however high-flying the Dutchman. This is blood-sucking squid territory - with the disadvantage that Bolland is right slap-bang in the public eye, while those cephalopods  from Goldman lurk in the depths beneath the waves. Marc lives in the real world, on the high street, and has to look in the eye of the real workers on the tills who collect his wages... [CLICK HERE TO READ MORE AND COMMENT]

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Editor's blog: M&S pay the price to get Bolland in fast
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