Editor's blog: Sugar's TV freak show

It was bad enough when Lawd Sugar's awful show was using adult lab rats. But kids?

Last Updated: 27 Oct 2010

I’m going to reserve judgement for the time being about whether this really is a new behavioural dawn; about whether we’re going to enter a summer of (tough) love, and the lion really is going to lie down with the lamb; about whether we’re all going to be businesslike and mature, dropping the adversarial approach, when it comes to sorting out our dire problems. But wouldn’t it be good if this new dawn featured a little bit less of Alan Sugar? Shouldn’t he be heading for the exit in the same way as his political sponsor Gordon Brown? Surralan has now morphed effortlessly into the ermine-clad Lord Sugar (or Lawd Sugar) and was back yet again on the BBC last night with his execrable 'Junior Apprentice'...  [CONTINUED]

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Editor's blog: Sugar's TV freak show
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