Editor's blog: A World Cup post mortem

Capello's biggest managerial failing, and the paralysing fear of failure.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

OK. We’re all feeling as bad as you are here. It almost ruined my weekend. But look at it this way: if we’d won, how agonising would it have been to see our helpless boys being toyed with by Messi, Tevez and co? So, by way of a mini-MT post-mortem, a few thoughts:   

1. I’m sure Capello’s art collection reveals he is a man of taste and culture. And I know he’s managed teams to success in the Champions League, plus the Italian and Spanish leagues. But when you manage a team of people, it is essential you can communicate clearly with them. Capello’s English remains poor. It may not take words that contain more than two syllables to get through to Wayne Rooney (one tap for yes, two taps for no, administered to the skull, has been known to work a treat).  But Wayne doesn’t speak any Italian, even if his wife is really accomplished at reading the names on Prada and Armani bags. If he is to stay, Capello needs a GCSE in English within the next six months... [CONTINUED]

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Editor's blog: A World Cup post mortem
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