Employees tell managers they're a-ok

It's all very heart-warming: a survey has found that employees' love for their managers has returned. Can it last?

by Emma Haslett
Last Updated: 20 Dec 2010
Here’s a bit of Christmas cheer: employees are, apparently, feeling motivated, appreciated, and generally very happy at the moment - and it's all thanks to the input of their managers, who are providing them with all the support they need to keep going. Or so says research by HR consultancy ETS, which found that almost three-quarters of employees feel like their company does all the right things to help them ‘do the best job they can’. That's  up on last year’s 66%. So while the jobs market may still be teetering on the brink, at least morale is making a brave attempt at staging a recovery.

It gets better: some 83% say they feel they’re well managed, while 88% say their line managers listen to (and presumably act upon) their concerns, compared to 70% back in 2009. 85% also said they have enough say over how they get their work done, which is up by 2% since last year, while 82% say their managers ‘show appreciation’ for the work they do. Warms the cockles, doesn’t it?

Businesses also seem to be seizing the opportunity of having a bit of extra cash in the bank to train up their employees. 78% of workers say they’re happy with the training and development they’ve had this year, up from 70% last year. ETS says that means businesses will be ‘better equipped to capitalise on post-recession opportunities’.

There are still a few minor gripes, though: apparently, almost 20% of employees don’t know what their company’s goals for next year are – which means they’re not working towards a common target. Apparently, they’re more likely to be productive if they know what the corporate objectives are. And while 70% say they understand how their work affects the success of the company, that’s 7% lower than last year. Well. Perhaps you can’t expect bosses to get everything right?

The research was, apparently, conducted among 175,000 employees, although no word on the kinds of people it questioned. Because with a VAT rise imminent, as well as mass redundancies in the public sector, there’s going to be a lot to worry about in the new year. Another survey we wrote about earlier this week found that half of managers are expecting to have to make redundancies in next year – rising to 86% among civil servants. So while it’s lovely to see employee morale on its way back up, we wonder if this new-found love for managers will last long into the new year.

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