Employees worry about being down-at-heel

Employees made redundant needn't fear being stigmatised; they're hot property, says new research.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

Insolvencies may have hit record levels, but employees who find themselves jobless following their employer’s demise needn’t despair: according to a report from Jobsite, some companies are specifically targeting redundant candidates.

According to the report (which canvassed the opinions of 4,000 employees and 500 HR managers), one in three workers worry that potential employers frown on candidates who have been made redundant. A similar proportion was unsure about their attractiveness to employers, with some even gloomily speculating that there wouldn't be any jobs available anyway.

The good news is they apparently needn’t fear – a third of HR managers said they were looking to take advantage of the growing pool of available talent in order to help their businesses flourish after the recession.

However, competition is likely to be fierce. There are reportedly about 12.8m people reportedly looking for a new role at the moment (only one in six of whom is doing so because of redundancy). And with personal insolvencies last quarter hitting their highest level since records began in 1960 – a total of 33,073 people in England in Wales became insolvent in the three months to the end of June, which is 27% more than during the same quarter of 2008 – there’s a good chance that more and more people will be looking to re-enter the job market.

One thing you might want to bear in mind in such a competitive market: when heading to an interview, perhaps it's best to leave the heels at home. The TUC – which is predominantly male – has proposed a motion suggesting that women wear ‘sensible heels’ in the workplace, since high heels are both ‘dangerous’ and ‘demeaning’ to women. Perhaps not surprisingly, this enlightened idea has attracted an onslaught of criticism, not least from Nadine Dorries, the Tory MP, who said that her high heels get her noticed in Parliament (although to be fair, she is about 3ft 6).

We can't help feeling that for those looking to get back into the job market at the moment, their choice of footwear really is the least of their problems...

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