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Last Updated: 28 Jan 2021

There has been legal equality between men and women at work for many decades, yet the gender achievement gap remains stubbornly persistent. Women are consistently underpaid, under-promoted and therefore under-represented at the most senior level. 

At Management Today, we think this is bad business. It is neither morally justifiable nor commercially sustainable in the face of fierce global competition for British firms to allow glass ceilings to remain unshattered.

We have been fiercely and proudly championing women in business since 2001 because we believe that the stories of the country’s most remarkable businesswomen can inspire inclusive change and help the next generation of female talent reach the top.

Our Inspiring Women in Business Awards and 35 Women Under 35 list, in partnership with Capita Consulting, are now open for nominations.

35 Women Under 35 - Now in its 21st year, this is the country's longest-running, most prestigious list of young, female business talent, with former winners including Martha Lane Fox, Karen Blackett, Stella McCartney, Sarah Willingham and Dido Harding. Our mission is to shine a light on the most impressive female rising stars in British business.

Inspiring Women in Business Awards - You only have to look around to realise that the UK is full of talented, often visionary businesswomen of all ages, working at every level and in all sectors. Now in their second year, these awards are an opportunity to recognise their achievements and also to celebrate the employers, big and small, that have driven equality by their actions as well as their words.

Find out more about both sets of awards here


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