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Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

Running your own business can be a lonely experience. That's why one of our readers has agreed to blog exclusively about her life at the sharp end of UK enterprise, reporting back on the trials and tribulations of running a small business - people issues, finance worries, growing pains...

In her latest diary entry, she explains how values saved her fledgling business. Here's a snippet:

'The answer, believe it or not, turned out to be simple: values. Now I promise you: I'm about as sceptical about this kind of gung-ho corporate nonsense as it's humanly possible to be. In the past I used to have to stifle my gag reflex when I heard people banging on about missions and visions and unique DNA. I always thought values were the kind of thing marketing departments dreamt up to make themselves feel important, used by CEOs to persuade themselves that they weren’t really identical to all their rivals. But one of my advisers was a big fan of the idea, so eventually I decided to give it a go.'

To read the full piece, click HERE.

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PS. If you have particular areas of interest, you can even write to our secret entrepreneur at secretdiary@managementtoday.co.uk

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