Eureka! Are you an innovation winner?

Enter our new Real Innovation Awards, aimed at recognising the unsung heroes of innovations that really work.

Last Updated: 02 Sep 2016


As Archimedes discovered when his bathwater overflowed, in the real world, innovation can be a messy, unpredictable and surprising business. So why do so many existing innovation awards seek to present such a rationalised, sanitised and boring view of the process?

That’s the paradox that the new Real Innovation Awards, a joint venture by MT and the Deloitte Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at London Business School, are aimed at resolving. Because real innovation is much less certain, and much more inspiring, than we are often led to believe.

Nor is innovation only for the boss – yes the likes of Elon Musk and Travis Kalanick are innovator-heroes, but for every silicon valley-style sleb there are many more unknown but in their own ways equally effective innovators toiling away in organisations large and small all over the country and the world.

 So if you think that you, a colleague or anyone you know deserves wider recognition as a great innovator, take a moment to check out the Real Innovation awards.

Awards will be made in each of the following categories and the deadline for entries is Tues 21st June.

Real Innovation awards categories:

The Before-Its-Time Award

The If At First You Don’t Succeed Award

The Eat Your Own Lunch Award

The Fast Follower Award

The George Bernard Shaw Unreasonable Person Award

The Alexander Fleming Serendipity Award

The Harnessing the Winds of Change Award

The MT/Deloitte Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Real Innovation Awards - not just innovation as usual.


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