Everything, Everywhere: T-Mobile and Orange aiming high

The daft new name for the combined Orange and T-Mobile group suggests a distinct lack of focus...

Last Updated: 15 Mar 2011

It’s the announcement everyone has been waiting for. The result of hours of negotiation between two teams – one orange, one decidedly pink – a nation has heaved a sigh of relief as a coalition is finally born. Yes, Orange and T-Mobile have finally unveiled the name of their combined company.

The new name, Everything Everywhere, appears to assume a certain level of omnipotency – not entirely inappropriate, given the new holding company will be the UK’s largest communications company, with more than 30m customers and 16,500 employees. That said, it could just indicate the new management team has a bit of a god complex.

As PaidContent points out, the new name does seem to be slightly lacking in focus. But given the new group’s 'VP of brands' Steven Day notes that the company ‘intends to propel itself beyond mobile communications’, perhaps they’re just planning ahead as they attempt a Google-esque diversification of their offerings - aka world domination bid. T-Coffee, anyone?

Speaking of Google, search engine rankings are going to be a bit of a problem – the name doesn’t exactly lend itself to the keyword-focused world of SEO. We're not sure the management team has thought through the domain name implications either: everythingeverywhere.com is taken, while everything-everywhere.com is a travel blog. (Or maybe every domain, everywhere, will take you to the Orange site?)

The good news is that the new name will only apply to the holding company, with the individual brands retained - although there have been hints that it could also be used as a tagline for both, to ‘alert customers to the size of the combined network'. Personally, we think it would be a shame to get rid of ‘the future’s orange’, arguably one of the most memorable marketing taglines of the past couple of decades. Perhaps they could just tweak it a bit instead – ‘the future’s here, there and everywhere’. You can’t argue with that, can you? 

The two brands, owned by France Telecom and Deutsche Telekom, are due to merge officially on 1 July, creating a new ‘super network’ with better coverage – and a 37% market share in the UK. There had been speculation over whether the T-Mobile brand would survive the merger, but it looks as if it’s made it through – although that will mean the new group will continue to have to pay to maintain two separate brands. Sounds expensive, given part of the point of the merger was to cut costs...

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Everything, Everywhere: T-Mobile and Orange aiming high

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