Fancy throwing your boss out of a plane?

It's not often you get to throw your boss out of a plane, and actually get praised for it.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

We’ve all probably had times when we’ve wanted to drop our boss from a very great height (watch it -Ed). But staff at healthcare group Bupa International recently got to do it for real, when a group of them ganged up to push their MD Keith Biddlestone out of a plane. Fortunately, for those of you with an aversion to seeing boss-shaped splatters all over the English countryside, Biddlestone was wearing a parachute (not to mention another man) on his back at the time. And better still, it was all to raise money for a good cause – in this case, Bupa’s Ecuador Challenge. Nonethless, he’ll be hoping they didn’t enjoy the experience too much…

The high-altitude frolics took place recently in Maidstone, with 12 Bupa types signing up to a sky-dive in aid of the healthcare group’s chosen charity. Apparently 120 of its staff – all of whom have to raise £1,000 in advance – will head out to Ecuador to build a health centre in a remote village, and this was part of the fundraising drive. ‘When the Bupa International team suggested the sky dive as a fundraising event for this project, I jumped at the chance!’ said Biddlestone, in one of the more painful puns we’ve seen this week (although people in glass houses, and all that).

It’s another sign that corporate philanthropy (and employee involvement therein) is alive and kicking, despite the recession. In MT’s recent feature, we spoke to some of the UK’s biggest charities, and discovered that the widely-predicted decline in corporate giving hasn’t really happened. That’s partly because companies are honouring their commitments, but it’s also because of the positive effect this kind of thing can have on staff engagement levels. It’s likely that the Bupa bods jumping out of planes and building clinics are going to feel a lot warmer towards their employer, which makes them more productive, more loyal, and more likely to say nice things about the company to people they meet. You can read our full feature HERE.

Still, we might be a bit careful with how you choose to go about your fundraising. If some of your staff seem a bit too eager to push you out of a plane, you might want to re-think your managerial approach…

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Fancy throwing your boss out of a plane?
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