A farewell message from Matthew Gwyther

EDITOR'S BLOG: MT's editor, and his number two Andrew Saunders, are leaving.

by Matthew Gwyther
Last Updated: 03 Jul 2017

I didn't get a chance to discuss the UK's post-Brexit future with all the women in our '35 Women Under 35' feature, published later this week. However, bearing in mind the fact that over 65s were twice as likely as under 35s to vote to leave the EU - and that nearly one-fifth of the women on the list work in but were born outside the UK - I doubt there are many energetic Leavers in their number.

Wherever these 35 Women Under 35 were born, we at MT welcome them. They are the UK's future with ambition, energy and drive aplenty. We can only hope that they hang on here rather than taking their remarkable talents to some fortunate other country.

This is the last of 189 editorials I have penned for MT. (The blogs must number a thousand.) Although now rather greyer, funnily enough I feel as fresh and filled with energy as when I started editing the magazine 17 years back. And I'm probably rather the wiser. So, I heartily endorse our feature 'Is ageism the last taboo?', which asks whether it's time - our 35 Under 35ers notwithstanding - to bring our worship of youth in the workplace to an end. Mary Turner, whom I profile, is slightly older than me and still fizzes with gusto.

I wish I could bow out with the prospects for British business and our economy looking brighter. The blows are coming thick and fast and, at the moment when we could do with a bit of Churchillian leadership, what we are offered by our political masters falls very far short of such a standard.

I continue to believe that the Brexit vote remains one of the most serious shots in the foot in our country's history. No amount of cajoling, accusations of 'Remoaning' or entreaties to pull together will lead me to regard it as anything other than a 21st-century Emperor's New Clothes. Like the Light Brigade, we have blundered. It is as simple as that.

Anyway, it's been an honour to serve MT's readers for the last 17 years.

(My deputy Andrew Saunders, also leaving, has done even longer in the engine room.) I hope during that time we've brought you some inspiration, encouragement and sound ideas. Not Just Business As Usual.

I thank all my colleagues and wish you every good fortune with your businesses and careers. I plan to work on a variety of things: writing, my BBC broadcasting and maybe even crossing the line to work actively in some businesses, rather than just commenting on them. As Francis Bacon wrote 'men must know, that in this theatre of man's life it is reserved only for God and angels to be lookers on'.

If you want to continue the conversation you can get me on Twitter @MatthewGwyther and mjgwyther@gmail.com.

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