Filter out those H2-woes

The plight of the financial markets has been at the forefront of our minds recently. But according to a press release that’s just landed in the MT inbox, it seems we’ve missed the real story: due to chemicals and pollutants ‘invading’ our water, we’re ‘never far from contracting an illness or even a life-threatening disease’.

Last Updated: 06 Nov 2012
Why didn’t anybody tell us sooner? We could have spread word of this relentless menace to the poor souls queuing outside Northern Rock lately, who may well have wished to spend their remaining time on this earth, precious as it is, doing something with a little more pizzazz.

The announcement also highlighted the water-borne peril of ‘troublesome elements’ such as iron, manganese and hydrogen sulphide. Never mind that the Drinking Water Inspectorate has shown that the UK’s drinking water now meets stringent quality standards in 99.98% of cases.

So what is the source of the information? Ah, water surprise, it’s a filter supplier. The company has been ‘helping to raise awareness of dangerous chemical-ridden water for the last 30 years’. How altruistic.

We don't wish to argue with the motive – after all, the environmental argument against bottled water is gaining momentum at the moment, and any alternatives to needlessly transporting water halfway round the globe are welcome. It just seems that, rather than encouraging people to turn to their taps, using such doomsday language may well drive people away from the greener solution and back to the bottle.

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