First glimpse of new 'cheaper' iPhone in weird Taiwanese video

Notoriously secretive Apple has let one of its products out of the (plastic) bag

by Gabriella Griffith
Last Updated: 06 Sep 2013
We first heard the feverish rumours of a new, cheaper iPhone back in June. The new device, to be called the iPhone 5C, would be revealed on 10 September along with a more premium version, the iPhone 5S.
Speculation about the 5C ran wild, ‘it will be as colourful as the rainbow,’ said some, ‘it will make iPhones more accessible,’ opined a few, ‘it will be cheaper than a bag of chips,’ said some others.
While we can’t comment on the price just yet, we have got a really weird video, from Taiwanese website Apple Daily, which ‘demonstrates’ what the new phone looks like…in a plastic pocket full of random household bric-a-brac.
The presenter, whose personal hygiene leaves a lot to be desired (check out his nails), goes to great lengths to show us the phone doesn’t scratch. Go on, have a watch. It’s very odd.

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