First nicotine inhaler approved

British tobacco startup receives the first medicinal license for a smokeless alternative to e-cigarettes.

by Adam Gale
Last Updated: 24 Sep 2014

The appropriately-named tobacco replacement startup Kind Consumer has won a medicinal license for a nicotine inhaler. Its Voke inhaler has been under development for a decade, and will now be permitted for general sale in the UK.

Kind Consumer’s Chief Product Officer Alex Hearn said that ‘this invention promises to make a real difference in offering smokers a safer alternative to smoking’, though in truth its biggest challenge will be to e-cigarettes, which are not currently medicinally licensed. Unlike e-cigarettes, the Voke inhaler has no electronic or heating components, and produces no second hand smoke.

The product has had the backing of business notables Jon Moulton and Sir Terry Leahy, who invested in the firm in 2011, and will be commercialised by Nicoventures, the also-appropriately named subsidiary of British American Tobacco. So far no launch date or price have been listed.

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