Five surprising things about Brits' working habits

We like early starts and almost half of us clock-in at 8am - 9 to 5 is a thing of the past.

by Rachel Savage
Last Updated: 27 Jun 2014

With the right to request flexible working coming in on Monday (although companies can still turn down those requests on business grounds), MT has received a slew of surveys - mostly claiming to show businesses cannot cope, but the company who commissioned the research can definitely solve all your problems.

One survey, of 1,000 office workers and 500 small business ‘decision makers’, commissioned (unsurprisingly) by remote working software company LogMeIn, did catch MT’s beady eye though, with some rather surprising findings:

1.  We actually want to get out of bed early

Britain is not a nation of bed-bound duvet lovers after all - 48% of those surveyed said their ideal working day would start before 9am. That proportion rises to 53% in Wales, where 35% of workers said they would like to start work at 7am. Each to their own, MT says...

2.  And a lot of us already do

Nine to five is not really a thing, according to the research. Almost two thirds of Brits start work before 9am and 48% of us clock in at 8am.

3. We don’t like 9 to 5

We don’t work 9 to 5 and most of us don’t want to either: only 34% told the researchers it was their preferred working day.

4. Londoners are relatively relaxed

Legions of city workers may be caffeinated up to their eyeballs on the first tube at 5am, but the capital is also pretty chilled out about working hours - 22% start work after 10am, compared to just 7% nationally.

5. Flexible working is definitely not a thing - yet

Less than a quarter of employees can work remotely, according to the research, while just 20% are allowed to take time off in lieu if they work overtime. Meanwhile, only 27% of small business bosses expected their staff to ask for more flexible hours. They might get a surprise come Monday: 56% of workers are thinking about putting in requests.

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