Five tips from business for forming a coalition

With the outcome of today's election still in the balance, here are some pointers for whoever gets the joyous task of hashing out a coalition.

by Rachel Savage
Last Updated: 07 May 2015

The outcome of today’s election is anyone’s guess right now (just check out this model hosted by US polling guru Nate Silver on his fivethirtyeight site). That means, as MT editor Matthew Gwyther put it yesterday, it’s almost a dead cert ‘Friday will be funk and confusion.’

Whichever politicians get to sit down at the negotiating table to knit a coalition together will need to be both wily and willing to compromise (for the greater good of course – no Frank Underwods please). Here are some lessons from business for our prospective new leaders tomorrow.

Read the full feature from this month’s magazine - Companies in coalition: When enemies become (temporary) friends

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