Fleet car: Introduction

It's time for MT's annual look at the fleet-car market, and what a year it has been! Back in September 2008, we were enjoying the relative peace of a still-modest economic slowdown, whose widely expected soft landing would see us on our way back to prosperity very soon.

by Andrew Saunders
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

Well, we now know just how wide of the mark such sunny predictions were. It has been a brutal few months, and nowhere more so than in the car business. Sales have fallen off a cliff, and some of the biggest and oldest names in the industry have been written off. Who'd have thought that GM and Chrysler would both go bust within weeks of one another?

So 2009 has been very much about survival, and firms have been slashing their fleet spending along with everything else. Fewer, cheaper, more tax-efficient vehicles are the new norm, with organisations looking to save money and reduce carbon emissions in any and every way they can.

But as we look towards next year, the signs are that the worst may be over. The big issue then becomes: 'What next?' The Government thinks we should all buy electric cars - a laudable aim, if somewhat premature. Neither the technology nor the infrastructure is quite ready for the mass market just yet.

In the meantime, why not take your pick from our 10 top fleet cars for 2009? Until the perfect eco-vehicle comes along, these wagons are the meanest and greenest kids on the block.

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