Fork that?

Stat of the day: 50% - the amount sales of pallet trucks rose last year - thanks to the rise of online retail, apparently...

by Emma Haslett
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013
We've heard tales of high street retailers struggling to compete with Amazon and co's knock-down prices, but one British industry is thriving. Sales of pallet trucks (AKA forklifts), used by retailers in their warehouses, rose by 50% last year, as the number of 'dark stores' (retail warehouses that customers never set foot in), burgeoned. There are now about 250,000 forklifts in the UK, with 26,000 new ones sold last year, according to the British Industrial Truck Association.

That's great news for British manufacturers like JCB and Bendi, a family-owned firm which makes articulated trucks for narrow-aisled warehouses - and it should give the economy a bit of a lift (geddit?) too...

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