Four ways to go green and save money

Businesses of all sizes can make significant savings by going green, says Richard Costin, MD of office supplies firm Banner Business Services. Here are four simple ways to start saving the pennies today.

by Richard Costin
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

Vince Cable has likened the UK’s recent economic woes to living through a war and many companies have already adopted a rationing mentality. But, with just a few small green changes, business owners can cut costs without cutting their most valuable asset – staff.

Here are a few simple tips to help you cut your office overheads and save the planet.

  1. Think before you print!

  • Check how long an email trail is before you print it – select just the pages you need.
  • Install programs like GreenPrint software which will help you to identify where you can cut down on waste printing.
  • Set your printer default to mono.
  • Reduce font sizes on documents to reduce paper usage.
  • Similarly, set your printer default so that pages print on both sides – this simple measure can half your photocopier paper usage. And you can always override the default when you need to.

  2. Think digital

  • Cut down on creating costly hard copies of staff handbooks and manuals which become out of date almost as soon as you publish. Instead, think about creating an electronic library that’s easy to access and can be updated easily at any time.
  • Email meeting agendas in advance rather than giving a copy to everyone.
  • Introduce a no print policy on emails.

  3. Update your mailing lists

  • Make sure your mailing lists are up to date. This will save you the cost of sending out unnecessary letters and direct mailers and save a small fortune in paper, printing and postage.

  4. Recycle and reuse

  • As hard as we try to go digital, we still need paper, so why not explore greener options? 'Closed Loop' is an audited process that sees waste paper shredded and recycled before being returned to its original ‘owner’. And, as well as helping you cut your stationery costs, Closed Loop helps ensure you don’t pick up any fines for failing to destroy confidential waste.
  • Look for green alternatives to your current stationery supplies. Millions of disposable pens are sent to landfill every year. Consider seeking out refillable alternatives and stocking only refills in your supply cabinets. This is cheaper in the long run.

These are just some simple suggestions to show how thinking differently and going green can make your overheads leaner and save the planet.

Got any other green suggestions to help businesses save a few bob? Leave your comment below.

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