Four ways to get to Paris that aren't the Eurostar

As the Eurostar creaks back to life after breaking down yesterday, here are some alternative routes to the City of Love.

by Rachel Savage
Last Updated: 13 Oct 2014

The Channel Tunnel was packed with passengers yesterday, except they weren’t actually on a train. Almost 400 passengers and four dogs had to be evacuated yesterday, after problems with the overhead power lines.

This morning four trains were cancelled and there were 90 minute waits at the Eurotunnel terminal in Folkestone, Kent. If you were planning a last minute getaway to follow Le Tour across the Channel, here are some other ways you can get to Paris.

1.  Train – Ferry – Train

This route, starting at London’s Victoria, Charing Cross or St. Pancras stations, will give you the classic White Cliffs of Dover view, but is a rather more sedate trip, at 10 hours compared to the Eurostar’s zippy 2 hours 15 minutes. It can also a lot more expensive: if you book the Eurostar in advance one way tickets are as low as £39. But the turn up and go train-ferry-train option stays steady at £80-£100, whereas Eurostar prices have rocketed to as much as £155 for just one way this weekend.

2.  Plane

A return flight leaving on Thursday and coming back Sunday evening will set you back almost £200 with British Airways. At least the ghastly orange of easyJet won’t be hurting your eyes…

3.  Bus

The bargain basement option, a Megabus return ticket costs just £45. You will spend pretty much a whole day travelling both ways though.

4.  Cycle

If you’re feeling really inspired by the Tour de France, you could cycle either side of the ferry. These three chaps have even managed to hire three Boris Bikes to make the trip (although they had to ask permission to take them outside the capital). They set off yesterday and are aiming to arrive on Friday, although given the clunkiness of the hired cycles MT won't be surprised if they're still on the road next week.

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