Friday treat: business lessons from YouTube

This week's video round-up is all about winning custom. If you can offer something special, the punters will keep coming back. We've got the launch of the humble hula hoop; the highly unusual Swedish bookstore from comedy classic Top Secret; and Tamara Beckwith publicising a high-tech brick...

Last Updated: 06 Nov 2012

The Starbucks effect has made it hard for independent stores to thrive on the high street. But a little quirky charm goes a long way. After a visit to the Swedish bookstore from Top Secret, for example, people would never go back to those giant corporate bookshops again.

Products don’t even have to be complicated. What could be simpler than a simple circle? Often sales phenomena are just a matter of capturing customers' imagination, as the hula-hoop scene from the Coen Brothers' Hudsucker Proxy proves.

If you're promoting a new product, breakthrough technology and a celebrity endorsement are a sure-fire way to get people interested. Although it helps if the celebrity knows what they're talking about. And of course if the product actually exists. Another classic dupe from Brasseye.

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